Assorted Colors Cotton Reusable Face Mask with PM2.5 carbon filter


These masks are breathable, lightweight and comfortable to wear and can be used while working, commuting, working, travelling or being in public. Each mask is made of a 100% cotton shell and has a soft inner lining that helps keep you cool while you wear it. Each iFLYSmart reusable face mask comes with a disposable PM2.5 charcoal filter, for extra protection in keeping bacteria and unwanted germs at bay.

To use, place the mask over your nose and mouth, place an earloop around each ear. Earloops can easily be adjusted for a tighter or looser fit. Pull the mask over your chin, and mould the mask to fit snugly around your nose and chin.

iFLYSmart reusable face masks are machine washable and should be washed after each use.

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