Helping The Bu keep their staff protected and your favorite drinks clean

Today we supplied protective masks to an amazing beverage company, The Bu.

If you like kombucha you have to try The Bu. What is special about The Bu is their mission to help improve diet and health.

The Bu uses the world’s most premium ingredients in its drinks, and helps people restore vitality first thing in the morning, after a workout, or during a mid-afternoon recharge.

It's become critical for food and beverage companies to ensure their team members are properly protected when preparing the food and drinks that the public consumes. 

Because the iFLY Smart team has been developing filtering face masks, antibacterial hand wipes and protective gloves for both the largest organizations in the world and end-consumers shopping in stores and online, we can help your organization stay protected and healthy.

If your organization or company needs protective masks, antiseptic products, gloves and more, please contact us so we can help.

Stay safe!