How iFLY Smart’s Face Mask Dispenser Kits Can Make Grocery Shopping Safer for Customers and Employees

What’s your go-to grocery store? Walmart, Aldi, Publix? Well if it’s any of the above or another one, it’s very likely you will be required to wear a face mask the next time you go grocery shopping

As COVID-19 continues to break new case records, many grocery stores have been mandating the usage of face-coverings in recent weeks.

As reported by New York Times, grocery stores and supercentres such as Publix, Costco, Walmart, Whole Foods Market and more have been making it mandatory for all employees and customers to wear face coverings while working and shopping in stores.

These mask mandates ensure a safe working environment for store employees, as well as helps stop the spread of the coronavirus in a shared indoor space for customers while shopping for essentials such as groceries.

With face coverings now being mandatory in many of these grocery stores and supercenters, it is important for the stores to provide face masks for those who have not brought their own, as this will help enforce the mask-wearing mandates.

At iFLY Smart, we think it is so important to make health and wellness a priority for those around us in our community. That is why we are excited to now be offering iFLY Smart mask dispensers, the perfect solution to ensure that all employees and customers can have a safer trip to the grocery store.

Our face mask dispensers can be easily mounted on any wall surface, where customers can conveniently take face masks on their way into the grocery store to protect themselves and others from COVID-19 while shopping.

Our Face Mask Dispenser Kits are just what you need to ensure a more protected grocery shopping experience for customers and safer working environment for employees.