How iFLYSmart's Kits Offer Businesses Healthy Solutions During And After COVID-19

In a recent interview with Retail and Hospitality Hub, David Rapps, President of Calego International Inc. and CEO of iFLYSmart, spoke about how iFLYSmart is doing everything they can to help businesses reopen safely and to keep people healthy and well during the COVID-19 pandemic through their iFLY Smart Kits, Face Mask Dispenser Kits and much more. You can read the full interview below:

The travel company has switched gears to health and wellness products to help fellow businesses.

If there is any piece of advice that people have heard during the coronavirus pandemic, it is to wear a mask. But when people are in public places and have to take a mask from an open box, it can seem like they are taking a risk.

The future wearer is left with lingering questions, such as whether or not the mask was contaminated previously by the hands of anyone who reached into the open box. This can leave wearers with fears of inadvertently exposing themselves to the virus, but Calego International Inc. has a solution.

The company — which has a long history as a developer and distributor of luggage, travel bags and accessories — this year switched gears and launched its iFLY Smart face mask dispenser kits to make workplaces safer. The kits, which come in three sizes — 50, 100 and 200 masks per kit — dispense face masks that are individually wrapped so that the wearers can feel protected.

According to President and Chief Strategy Officer David Rapps, Calego knew when the pandemic hit that all businesses would need to supply masks to their employees and visitors. Rapps and his team wanted to offer companies the ability to supply masks safely to the people they value most. 

The idea of an open box of unwrapped masks that others have had their hands in did not seem like “a clean experience,” Rapps explains. “We then came up with this dispenser idea with individually wrapped face masks, because we wanted to make it safer for people.”

Calego also designed its mask solution so that it could be easily mounted to any wall surface. “We put ourselves in the minds of the restaurant and store owners with this one,” he says. “We’re business owners ourselves and we feel for what businesses are going through.”

A Product For All

Rapps reports that the kits have appealed to a broad customer base, including retailers, manufacturers, food and beverage companies and more. “It’s a product for all businesses,” Rapps declares. “You can put it up on a wall and not have to maintain it. When the box of masks is empty, you can slip it out and slip in a new one.”

In addition, the kits have earned rave reviews, Rapps says. “We frequently hear, ‘Wow, that’s just what I need. I love that they’re individually wrapped,’” he says. “Oftentimes, it’s the simple inventions that have big impacts.

“We’re excited that we’re helping so many businesses solve a problem,” he continues. 

Smart Kits

Another Calego innovation — the iFLY Smart Kits line — became popular during the pandemic. Rapps developed the first kit in 2017 with his cousin for traveling on flights.

Both were unhappy with the way airplane seats were being cleaned, which led to the launch of the iFLY Smart HEALTHY Kit, before the coronavirus outbreak. It features antiseptic and facial wipes, a sleep mask, a head rest cover, a face mask, lip balm and ear plugs. 

After sales surged in the wake of the pandemic, Calego added two more kits. Its CLEAN Kit also features antiseptic hand wipes and a head rest cover, as well as multiple face masks and gloves. Its GERM-FREE Kit provides antibacterial hand gel, a face mask and gloves for its customers.

Rapps reports that customers are now using the kits in all aspects of their lives. For example, “When they’re going into a grocery store, they want to use the antibacterial wipes to wipe off their carts,” he says.

Ready for a Comeback

Rapps sees a strong future for Calego on the health and wellness product side. Currently, “You can find our kits at so many different retail points, including Walmart, 7-Eleven and Staples,” he says.

The company also has added a five-piece mask kit that is selling extremely well and plans to introduce kid-sized masks soon too. “We developed a broad assortment of health and wellness products to help everyone stay protected,” Rapps says.

Calego also expects to see strong performance on the luggage side of its business. “People have been cooped up for so long that as soon as they get an opportunity to go somewhere, they’re going to go,” he says. “We’re excited about the luggage space for 2021 and now we’ll have our health and wellness products to help them when they travel.”

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