iFLY Smart “Clean Kits” Now Available Across All Walmart Stores

You can now get your iFLY Smart Clean Kits at a Walmart near you as our kits have been expanded to all stores across the United States.

At iFLY Smart, our priority is your health and wellness, especially during these challenging times. 

With 90% of Americans living within just 10 miles of a Walmart store, partnering with Walmart means we can serve you and your neighbours better. Today we’re excited to announce that following our amazing launch of the Clean Kit with Walmart, we’re making our iFLY Smart products more accessible and convenient to buy than ever before with nationwide distribution at Walmart.

Our Clean Kits contain antiseptic hand wipes, disposable gloves, headrest covers and face masks, and they were designed to help you and your family stay healthy and germ-free. 

Head over to your local Walmart to find our smart kits or buy your kits online today. 

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