Keeping Airports Safe During The Coronavirus Pandemic…

With the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing and still breaking new case records every day, many companies have been increasing regulations to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

As reported by Reuters, United Airlines will be mandating mask-wearing across all of the airline’s areas in every airport worldwide, as well as deny boarding to anyone not wearing a mask and ban passengers from future flights if they refuse to wear one during flight.

Although many frequent flyers may see these new airline regulations as obstructive, United Airlines is leading by example in the flight industry. Mask-wearing is dire to contain the spread of COVID-19, especially in an industry where airplane cabin air is very commonly shared amongst all passengers.

To enforce these mask regulations in airports and on airplanes, airlines such as United Airlines will need to have stations where all passengers can easily access face masks.

At iFLY Smart, we are now offering the perfect solution to widespread mask distribution in airports through our Face Mask Dispenser Kits.

Our dispensers can be placed throughout highly frequented areas in airports such as check-in, security, customs and plane boarding entrances, and can be easily mounted on any wall surface where all passengers and airport personnel can have easy and convenient access to face masks.

Our dispensers come in small, medium and large sizes, which are prefilled with 50, 100 and 200 disposable face masks depending on the size.

At iFLY Smart, we believe that it is so important to make health and wellness a priority and to encourage people to take the necessary precautions such as social distancing, mask-wearing and sanitization during these hard times.

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