Supplying Face Masks to Serve Key Industries During the Coronavirus Crisis

Consuming content is difficult these days because there is so much pain and suffering out there.  

One thing that motivates us these days is that by supplying face masks and smart kits, we have met so many inspirational organizations and leaders who are devoting every waking second to powering through this crisis.

One of those companies is Rehrig Pacific, which has been providing solutions to key industries, including the agricultural sector, for over 100 years. The Rehrig team provides supply chain reusable packaging and waste and recycling container solutions to organizations around the world.

It's uplifting to know there are so many organizations that prioritizing the health and safety of their teams because that ensures that our communities will be stronger and more prepared than we were before.

In Rehrig's case, they're creating solutions that are benefiting the economy and making business more sustainable going forward.

If you're in the agricultural or supply chain sectors and you need protective equipment including face masks for your teams, please reach out to us so we can help you.