Face Mask Dispenser Kit

$36 $48

What you get: 1 acrylic dispenser and 1 box of individually wrapped face masks (screws and anchors for mounting included).

Choose your size: The kits come in 3 sizes. The small dispenser kit is preloaded with a box of 50 individually wrapped face masks. The medium dispenser kit is preloaded with a box of 100 individually wrapped face masks. The large dispenser kit is preloaded with a box of 200 individually wrapped face masks.

You can purchase additional boxes of individually wrapped face masks to refill your dispenser as needed.

Why you’ll love it: Our dispenser kits have many important benefits that our customers love, including:

  • Providing individually wrapped face masks that were neither exposed nor touched by others prior to use
  • The ability to mount the dispensers to any surface using screws or adhesives
  • The simplicity of filling, refilling and maintaining the dispenser
  • Allowing people to take face masks while respecting social distancing norms
  • The boxes are 100% recyclable
  • The dispensers are lightweight and easy to handle
  • They are ideal for buildings, venues, schools, health care centers, offices, public or private spaces and more

Design: The acrylic dispensers are specifically engineered to hold the corresponding box of iFLYSmartTM individually wrapped face masks. Our dispensers feature a special opening along their front and bottom panels that aligns perfectly with the perforated opening on our boxes of individually wrapped face masks. When your box of individually wrapped face masks is empty, simply recycle the box and insert a new refill box (sold here on our website).

Patent-pending: our dispenser kits are patent-pending with the US patent office. Our product engineers worked tirelessly to create a way for people to retrieve individually wrapped face masks as simply and effectively as possible while maintaining social distancing. After working on numerous prototypes, the system that worked best was the one we’re offering to you here today.  Our design is the first of its kind and we are grateful you are visiting us to help you and/or your organization keep people safe.

Your acrylic dispenser can be mounted to any surface. We suggest choosing a surface that is flat and in a good location.

Your dispenser kit includes 2 screws, 2 anchors and a paper placement marker to help you mount the acrylic dispenser. If you do not wish to use screws or the surface (e.g. glass) does not permit, you can use adhesive tape or double sided Velcro-like tape (not included).

Once your dispenser is mounted, slide in your box of individually wrapped face masks. Place your thumb in the center of the perforated opening, push forward and gently tear open the horizontal tab.

Take individually wrapped face masks as needed. Our refill boxes are 100% recyclable so simply recycle your empty box and insert a new one when your box is empty.




You know that awkward (and unhygienic) moment when you are handed an unwrapped face mask or expected to take a mask from an already opened box? We engineered a way for that to never happen again. Watch our animated explainer video and live action flagship video to see our dispenser kits in use.



We back up our luggage with a with a 25-year warranty.  If something happens, we’re with you every step of the way.


Not quite what you expected?

You can return or exchange your luggage within 15 days of purchase, as long as your luggage hasn't been used.


How do I connect my battery to the USB port?

Simply unzip your luggage, locate the discreet electronics pocket behind the USB port and plug your battery into our USB wire.

How do I unlock my TSA lock?

All of our luggage with TSA locks are set at 0-0-0. To unlock the zipper pullers, make sure the code is set to 0-0-0 and push the latch up. The latch is directly below the lowest “0.”

Are charging batteries included in iFLY Smart luggage?

No, batteries are not included. You can connect your personal battery to the USB port and wire that are integrated into iFLY Smart luggage.

Is iFLY airline approved?

iFLY luggage is made to comply with the requirements of major US airlines.

How can I pay with Sezzle?

Minimum purchase of $200 to qualify for Sezzle payment option.

How To Lock & Unlock Your Luggage?

Check out the video below for deets on how to lock and unlock your luggage.


  • Antibacterial touch points (lining, top and side carry handles coated with an antibacterial formula to reduce the presence and spread of bacteria)
  • 25-year warranty
  • 100% Polycarbonate shell
  • Lightweight
  • Shiny gradient finish with carbon print
  • Electroplated hardware detailing
  • Four electroplated 360° double wheels
  • Exterior trolley system for enhanced space
  • Recessed top and side handles
  • Integrated molded side feet (for an easy and practical fit in any luggage compartment)
  • TSA-approved lock
  • USB-A charging port (battery pack not included)
  • Expansion zipper adds 2" of packing space
  • Two large packing compartments
    • One with a full lining zip enclosure
    • One with compression flaps to avoid shifting
  • Removable TSA-ready pouch
  • Integrated wet pocket to protect your dry clothes



  • Carry-on (with wheels)

22.5" x 14.75" x 9.5" + 2"  expansion 7.4 lbs

  • Large (with wheels)

30.5" x 20.5" x 12.75" + 2” expansion 11.2 lbs

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