We back up our luggage with a with a 25-year warranty.  If something happens, we’re with you every step of the way.


Not quite what you expected?

You can return or exchange your luggage within 15 days of purchase, as long as your luggage hasn't been used.


How do I connect my battery to the USB port?

Simply unzip your luggage, locate the discreet electronics pocket behind the USB port and plug your battery into our USB wire.

How do I unlock my TSA lock?

All of our luggage with TSA locks are set at 0-0-0. To unlock the zipper pullers, make sure the code is set to 0-0-0 and push the latch up. The latch is directly below the lowest “0.”

Are charging batteries included in iFLY Smart luggage?

No, batteries are not included. You can connect your personal battery to the USB port and wire that are integrated into iFLY Smart luggage.

Is iFLY airline approved?

iFLY luggage is made to comply with the requirements of major US airlines.

How can I pay with Sezzle?

Minimum purchase of $200 to qualify for Sezzle payment option.

How To Lock & Unlock Your Luggage?

Check out the video below for deets on how to lock and unlock your luggage.