Going to the Nail Salon During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As nail salons, hair salons, spas and more have been opening back up over the summer, many people are hesitant to use their services during the COVID-19 health crisis unless they feel confident and comfortable that there are health and safety protocols in place, including the availability of face masks.

As reported by Healthline, infectious diseases expert Dr. Sandra Kesh recommends wearing a face mask at all times when going to get your nails done and finding out beforehand what precautions your salon is taking for its customers and employees.

Making sure that your salon is properly equipped with face masks will ensure that customers and employees are wearing face masks at all times while in the salon. Not only does this give your customers the comfort they need to get the services they want safely, but it also gives employees the confidence that they are staying healthy and protected from the coronavirus and can do their job safely in an industry that requires them to work closely with customers.

At iFLY Smart, our top priority is health and wellness, especially during these trying times. That is why we are offering the perfect solution to give nail salons widespread accessibility to face masks for all customers and employees through our Face Mask Dispenser Kits. 

Our face mask dispensers come pre-loaded with individually wrapped face masks, and can be easily mounted on any wall surface such as at the nail salon entrance, manicure and pedicure stations and more to ensure that all customers and employees can stay healthy and safe while preventing the spread of COVID-19 inside the salon.

If you would like your nail salon properly equipped to make sure all customers and employees are wearing face masks, we’ve got you covered. Our Face Mask Dispenser Kits are just what nail salons need to ensure a healthy and safe manicure and pedicure environment for all during and after the coronavirus pandemic.