The New Back-to-School Essential: Face Masks for Students and Educators

Pencils, erasers, notebooks and glue sticks are some of the most essential back-to-school items for students. But, as children continue to get back to the classroom for this upcoming academic year, having a face mask is the newest and most important school supply for kids to stay safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As reported by the New York Times, Dr. Andrew Adesman of the Cohen Children’s Medical Center says that face masks for children is necessary in order for them to return to school safely.

At iFLY Smart, it is our top priority to encourage health and wellness for all in our community, which is why we are happy to offer a solution to keep your children and students safe. Our new Face Mask Dispenser Kits are the perfect solution to keep both children and faculty safe while at school. Our face mask dispensers are pre-loaded with individually sealed face masks that can be mounted with ease.

Our face mask dispensers can be put at the entrance of schools, in the classrooms, in front of teachers’ lounges, and more. These dispensers also serve as a reminder to students that they should always be wearing their masks and allow them to replace their current mask and use a new one as they see fit.

iFLY Smart is here to help keep your children and students happy and healthy while making it easy for you to teach them and for them to learn more and more each and every day.

Wearing face masks may be challenging for some kids, even for just a short period of time. Mask-wearing for longer periods of time such as a whole day inside the classroom may be a quite the struggle for many kids, especially those who are in younger grades or think and learn differently.

Even though wearing face masks among many other safety measures at school will be a challenging transition for children, parents and educators, it is so important to make sure that students are properly equipped with a face mask at school to stay protected from the coronavirus.

Reminding students that wearing face masks protects themselves, yourself and others from getting sick and spreading COVID-19 will help them understand why they have to wear these masks for long periods at school.

Being positive about wearing face masks gives your children the incentive to be conscientious and vigilant about protecting themselves and the people around them. We must treat putting on a face mask just as we would a T-shirt or a pair of pants, as this will encourage students to do the same and will help them have an easier time wearing them while at school.

We understand that going back to school during these unprecedented times is a difficult and anxiety inducing transition for your children, and that keeping them safe and protected is the number one priority as both a parent and an educator.

If you would like to see masks made more widely available and accessible in your local school, we’ve got you covered.