How iFLY Smart Kits Began?

Let’s take it back to 2017. It was the height of flu season and David, our CEO, found himself on flight-after-flight, sitting on planes that were visibly dirty and clearly a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

David always disinfected his seat when he flew or commuted, and would even wear a hooded sweatshirt no matter how hot it was outside so he would have a barrier between his head and the headrest.

On one flight, David forgot his antibacterial wipes and couldn’t disinfect his area. After the flight he was chatting with his cousin about it and she said, “You know what would be great...having a health kit with everything you need”. 


At that time, David's company focused solely on luggage, not health and wellness products. So David asked a few people on his team to join him on a special project where they would develop a health-focused travel kit. The team sourced products, went through independent lab testing, applied for registrations with appropriate regulatory bodies, including the FDA and EPA, and built out the brand: iFLY Smart was born.

In 2019, the first batch of iFLY Smart Kits were brought to market in the United States, selling direct-to-consumer and through retailers. The response was incredible. Then, 2020 came and suddenly the Coronavirus struck. Every person around the world was impacted in some way by COVID-19 and in a blink of an eye, every iFLY Smart kit was sold out. 

The team worked incredibly fast to build this website focused solely on iFLY Smart health kits and ramped up production to get as many kits produced as possible. 

So here we are. Thank you for visiting us. We hope you love our kits and join our mission to help keep people healthy and germ-free.

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