It’s Time To Take Control of Your Health

You’re here because you care about your health and you hate germs, bacteria and viruses that surround the surfaces we touch and the people we meet.

We’re here because we’re sick of people getting sick. 

Did you ever think statistics would terrify you? Try this.

In 2019:

  • 31,000,000 Americans caught the flu (yes, that is 31 million)
  • 370,000 were hospitalized (yes, we’re talking about gurneys and IVs)
  • 30,000 died

Today is the day for us all to rise and fight back! It’s on us and no one else to take control of our health, to reduce the chances that we, our loved ones and strangers we meet get sick. 

Protective face masks and antiseptic and antibacterial hand wipes help prevent you from contracting illnesses and viruses. They are the most important items in our kits. But we know that your health also depends on hydration and rest, which is why we included refreshing face wipes so you can wipe your face without using your hands, lip balm to keep you lips moisturized and undamaged, a headrest cover to protect your hair and head those headrests that have never been cleaned, and an eye mask and earplugs so you can rest properly.

If you’d prefer to leave your health up to the passenger coughing in the middle seat in row 19, well … that’s on you.

If you believe in hygiene and staying healthy, you need our kits.

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