Helping Your Children in our Post-COVID World

Children have experienced COVID-19 very differently throughout the past there months. Some families have “gamified” staying germ-free for their children, while others have had difficulty shedding the anxiety the coronavirus has brought us. 

Some children have loved being out of school, while for others it has been very difficult being away from friends and an educational and social environment they relied upon. 

As communities and societies begin reopening, children will be re-entering daycares, schools and social settings. They will also be visiting parks, restaurants and other places that just a few months ago required no thought on their part in a pre-COVID world.

The best way we can help our children cope with these familiar settings in these very unfamiliar times is by showing them how to take precautions that are now the new normal: washing hands, resisting touching their faces and staying distant from others, etc. However, we cannot expect children to perfectly abide by rules that are so unnatural. 

Rewarding positive behaviour is key during times like these. If your children do something positive, like coughing or sneezing into their elbows or remembering to wash their hands when they enter the home, we should be cheerleading them as much as possible. 

Baby steps is key as well. By slowly and gradually resuming normal activities with your children, they will see the emphasis you are placing on certain new norms and they will have an easier time appreciating the nuances that have become critical in our new normal. 

Of course carrying proper face masks, antiseptic wipes and other items is so important to showing your little ones that we must be prepared for activities and venues we previously never had to manage.

If you need antisetic wipes, face masks and more, our smart kits and protective mask sets are perfect to help you get back into the swing of things and keep your family protected.