Travel Is Coming Back ... More Flights and Bookings

Cruise lines have been reporting that bookings are higher than expected and August 2020 confirmed bookings are way up year-over-year. Though not as popular as cruises these days, air travel looks like it will be making a comeback sooner than most anticipated.

Airlines across the US are adding routes because travelers are showing increased interest in traveling again. Just a few weeks ago, this would have sounded unbelievable, but a lot has changed since early May when the end of the COVID-19 outbreak seemed as though it was nowhere in sight.

With many states having resumed, or being in the process of resuming, to normal life and normal activities, travel is being looked at by many as the physical and mental escape they need from the past three months of lockdown.

This is some positive news for the airline and hospitality industries, which were hardest hit by the coronavirus outbreak.

Travelers will be more cautious than ever, with so many recognizing that traveling in a post-COVID world means wearing masks, using antiseptic and antibacterial products, and taking precautions that would have felt bizarre just five months ago. 

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