Governments Buy Defective Products Again ...

It happened again and it will continue until the government works with more experienced players.

Local and state governments are simply not skilled enough or equipped to handle the complexities of dealing with factories and the supply chain in China right now.

The latest example of this comes from Canada as reported by the Globe and Mail.

Sourcing product responsibly and effectively is not as simple as opening your cheque book and placing an order. You will be outsmarted if you don't have experience and are not diligent.

There are many entities like ours at iFLYSmart and our parent company Calego International Inc. that have been partnering with factories overseas for decades. We know what to ask, we have trusted people on the ground and we know when we’re dealing with legitimate sources.

This isn’t the N95 fiasco from 5 weeks ago where everyone overseas claimed to have N95 masks and no one did. This is surgical face masks and KN95s. We’ve been delivering both to organizations in healthcare, supply chain, food and beverage and more and we continue to offer high-quality and trusted supply.

Until governments start partnering with better sources, they will continue to see their money wasted and people will continue to miss out on the face masks they need.