If You Don't Have This, Airlines Won't Let You Fly

Transport Canada made news two weeks ago when it announced that Canadian airlines must require its passengers to wear face masks on-board their flights and at their gates. Quite simply, no mask, no flight.

Today, most major airlines in the US jumped on-board without waiting for government mandates or action by implementing these policies themselves, as reported by AP.

Jet Blue was the first to act last week as it pioneered the face-mask policy for its US travelers. Frontier Airlines, United, Delta and now American to name a few are all on-board as well. Which airline will be next? We're not sure, but we know more airlines will follow suit as this mask-wearing policy becomes standard practice.

Companies and people are growing more antsy to restart the economy and the most popular path towards doing so has been ensuring people are socially distancing or covering up. That is the route society as a whole is taking to lessen the possibility of a second wave of COVID-19.

The way we shop, travel and live will continue to change as we all get used to this new-normal in the Post-COVID world.

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