You Won't Believe How Shopping Is About to Change at Costco

Most people love Coscto because it's their one-stop shop for all essentials, from food to household products and everything in between. Now you can enjoy something else about Coscto ... they are prioritizing health and safety.

Beginning on Monday, all shoppers at Costco will be required to wear a face mask or face covering. For the first week, Coscto will supply its shoppers with one, but starting the week after, customers will be required to supply their own masks. Coscto associates have been instructed by corporate policy to restrict entry to anyone who does not comply with this directive. This is in addition Costco's social distancing policy.

Just a few months ago, imagine how you would have looked at someone wearing a face mask who was shopping next to you in a store. In a few weeks it will not only be common place, but imagine how you're going to look at someone who is not wearing a face mask.

We are hearing from our sources that many retailers will adopt this trend so please stay tuned for updates.

If you need a face mask, you can find excellent options here. If you'd like to buy bulk quantities (anything above 500 units), you can fill out the form here so we can offer you special pricing and shipping options.

Stay safe everyone!