Giving Back

We are on a mission to help people stay healthy and germ-free, a mission that began in 2017. Following the outbreak of the Coronavirus at the beginning of 2020, people all over the world have become so much more mindful of the importance of avoiding germs.

Doing small things like washing your hands and disinfecting surfaces goes a long way towards keeping us and those around us healthy and avoiding the spread of COVID-19 and other harmful viruses.

At iFLY Smart, we believe in doing small things and big things to make a difference. That's why we pledge to donate 1 kit to a community or health organization for every 10 we sell through our online store.

If you have an organization you are passionate about, please message us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn so we can learn about them and why they inspire you. We would love to equip as many organizations and communities as possible with our health kits and products, from antibacterial hand wipes to surgical grade face masks, to increase awareness about health and wellness. 

Helping people on the front lines and those who are most vulnerable is the right thing to do. The more we learn from one another and help one another, the stronger we’ll be. Let's spread kindness, not germs.