Take Care of Your Organization in Our Post-Corona World

If you make purchasing decisions for your team, work in Human Resources, or have influence over the direction of your organization, you need to know the benefits of iFLY Smart Healthy Kits. 

Did you know that organizations around North America and the world buy our Smart Kits in bulk and give them out to their team members to keep them safe? These organizations want to make sure that their staff and team remain healthy and protected while they commute, travel and go out in public.

There are three main reasons for this: First, companies and teams don’t want to risk having their team members get sick on planes, trains, shuttles and buses, and in hotel rooms, notoriously filthy and germ-filled places. With 1 in 5 people getting sick while they travel, it’s critical to help your team take control of their health and cleanliness. When members of your organization get sick, their absence drags down and puts pressure on other members of your team. This hurts the bottom line and sets back goals and projects.

Second, by buying these kits in bulk and making them available to your teams, you leave no room for excuses. No one on your team can say that they couldn’t find antibacterial or antiseptic wipes to wipe down their hands and surfaces to eliminate germs and viruses. It’s simple and free for your team when Smart Kits are purchased at the organizational level. 

Third, you avoid the high costs of having your team buy the items we’ve curated in our Smart Kits, most of which are difficult to find in the same retail location. Instead of having to manage your team members’ expenses on overpriced products, iFLY Smart’s solutions are easy to maintain and affordable. Accounting departments prefer tracking these expenses at one source and receiving bulk discounts instead of losing out on those conveniences.

Just like 9/11 changed the world forever, the world is already changed and will continue to be changed by the damage done by COVID-19. Viruses and germs have crippling consequences on organizations, businesses and teams. iFLY Smart is giving you, as a leader in your organization, the ability to be proactive and cautious and ensure that your team stays healthy and germ-free. 

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