The Last Stop

We stand against racism, injustice and violence. We stand against silence, fear and exclusion.
We stand for love, openness and togetherness.

We are horrified by the unjust murders of victims who have been murdered because of overt and subconscious racism.

Each of us is different, not because of the colours of our skin, but because of the beautiful diversity of our views, passions and beliefs. We won’t tolerate lack of empathy and lack of inclusion existing in society.

Racism is a plague worse than any disease. I would choose COVID-19 over racist killings because while both lead to senseless death, only racism destroys the souls of its victims and their families and communities, and does lasting damage that spans generations.

And yet the cure for racism, unlike a disease, is up to each of us, not scientists or experts. We MUST communicate with each other, which means LISTENING to people when they have grievances and concerns. And not just passively listening, but actively listening with a plan to act and change our behaviour.

We must listen to the words spoken by those who are vulnerable.
We must listen to the footsteps of marchers.
We must listen to the shouting of protesters.
And, we must listen to the silence of kneelers.

We don’t need any more blood or death to win the war against racism. We need open hearts and open minds and the humility to understand that, despite progress made, we are still failing as a society.

This is the last stop.

David Rapps
President of Calego International Inc., iFLY and iFLY Smart