Traveling Safer in a Post-COVID World with iFLYSmart’s New Antibacterial Luggage

As the United States has been seeing the lowest daily COVID-19 numbers since the start of the pandemic, many travelers are looking to book their next vacation. And the timing couldn’t be better with Summer just around the corner.

On May 30th, The Washington Post reported that the TSA saw the highest daily count of air travelers since March 2020 at almost two million passengers, with many more expected as Americans continue to get vaccinated over the coming months.

As the country begins to re-open after a long year of strict regulations, the CDC cautions that passengers must still wear face masks and take the necessary precautions such as social distancing and handwashing while traveling in order to stay safe and protected from germs and bacteria, and of course variants of the COVID-19 virus.

At iFLYSmart, your health and wellness are our top priority, especially as we work our way back to normalcy.

We understand how much you want to start traveling again, which is why we launched our safest and most germ-resistant luggage to date – The Shield Antibacterial Travel Collection.

The Shield Collection includes one 20” carry-on and one 28” large sized luggage in our beautiful Rose Gold and Black colors. The carry and trolley handles, as well as the interior lining, are coated with an antibacterial formula that inhibits the growth of bacteria to help keep your travels clean.

The luggage is also accompanied with an integrated wet pocket to keep your items dry, a detachable wet pocket for you to store small bottled-liquids and cosmetics, and a USB port to help you stay connected on the go.

As you plan your next weekend getaway or full week or multi-week vacation, iFLYSmart has what you need to chase your next adventure safely and in style.