Helping the Most Vulnerable and Our Heroes on the Front Lines

A message from David Rapps, CEO of iFLY Smart

My grandfather turned 89 years old last month. He is the nicest and funniest man I know. Everyone I meet who knows him tells me how lucky I am to be his grandson and I always tell them that they are absolutely right. 

My grandfather has had health-related issues over the past few years and needs to get medical care on a weekly basis. Because of COVID-19, he can't leave his home to get that care and now relies on nurses and healthcare workers to visit him at his home so that he can receive those essential health services. 

Today, I'm proud to share that we supplied the Visiting Nurse Service of New York with over 100,000 face masks for their health care workers to use while they visit patients at their homes.

I thought about my grandfather a lot today because I know there are a lot of healthcare workers who will now be equipped with proper face protection when they visit the parents and grandparents of many children and grandchildren who are concerned about their loved ones' wellbeing.

To those of us who have loved ones who are especially vulnerable to COVID-19 and to those of us who have loved ones on the front lines helping give care and comfort to those in need, we are thinking of you today and finding ways to support you.

Whether it's by supplying personal protective gear, including masks and anti-bacterial products like wipes and disinfectants to organizations in need, or whether it's by pledging to donate 1 kit for every 10 kits we sell on our website to organizations in need, we're working to help keep our friends, families and communities safe.

Stay safe, be cautious and soon enough, this all will pass.