Supplying Face Masks to Organizations in Need

Today we supplied an important health services organization that is doing critical work in New York with 50,000 surgical face masks to help keep its staff protected.

Last year we distributed over 1 million masks throughout the United States and in the coming weeks we will match that figure.

Because we spent the last two years developing products from face masks to antiseptic wipes and antibacterial sanitizers, we have a deep understanding of FDA’s regulations and are properly registered to distribute these products.

Supplying major organizations with protective equipment isn't a part of our business we normally talk about. But with so many people in need and with stories like this popping up every few days, we owe it to our communities to get more vocal.

With defective products being mass produced, supply of quality masks severely constrained, and air cargo space limited too, many organizations are looking to us because of our expertise to supply them with goods properly and efficiently.

Our focus for now is on health service organizations, so if you know organizations whose staff needs protective gear, please reach out. If you’re organization needs supplies as well, please reach out too. Stay safe!